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Flea and Tick Control in Salt Lake City and Utah County, VA



Pets bring comradery and friendship into your home. Unfortunately, they can also bring fleas. Fleas tend to feed on hairy animals, such as rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, cats, dogs, and other wild or domesticated animals. Although they have no wings, they are capable of jumping long distances, which is how they move from animal to animal. If you think your pet might have fleas, contact Lucy's Pest Control.

Fleas have a shiny and reddish-brown color. Adult fleas are fairly easy to see, especially if you or your pet have been gone for a long period of time. Once you return home, it won't be too long before fleas start jumping on you and your pet. When you need flea control in Salt Lake City and Utah County, UT, contact us, and we'll be over in no time.

Speedy Tick Control Service

Unlike fleas that prefer to feed on pets, ticks do not have a preferred host and will feed on whatever blood is available to them. They can be as tiny as a sunflower seed but grow to over 1 centimeter long when engorged with blood. We know how difficult it is to feel relaxed in your home when you ticks and fleas are present, which is why we offer a rapid response time for tick and flea pest control. We're dedicated to offering you customer service that goes beyond your expectations. You can rely on us to rid your home of pesky pests.

Tick and Flea Pest Control Done Right

The best way to ensure that your home no longer has fleas or ticks is to contact a professional. Once contacted, our flea exterminator performs a free inspection of your home to determine where the flea population is residing. As soon as the location of the fleas or ticks has been located, we formulate a plan to stop the pests from spreading and eradicate them. Tick control should be handled very carefully because they can pass on diseases if handled improperly. This is why it is suggested to call a professional who has had training and experience.

Years of Experience in Tick Pest Control

Not only is our staff properly trained to handle any flea and tick pest control problem you have, but they also have the experience. Our staff has 50 years of experience in the field. There hasn't been a problem our pest control company has encountered that we haven't been able to solve. Count on our tick and flea exterminator to do the same for your home.

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