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Your Local Source for Squirrel Control in Salt Lake City and Utah County, UT


That rustling, scampering sound overhead can be unnerving, and it's not something you should ignore. When you hear noises or see droppings in the attic, that's a sure sign that squirrels have found their way in, and you should call Lucy's Pest Control immediately. Waiting too long for squirrel control in Salt Lake City and Utah County, UT, could lead to costly problems later on. Squirrels can do severe damage to an attic and even make nests inside it, leading to the potential for an entire family of intruders.

Lucy's Pest Control is the best prevention. We perform squirrel removal that's humane, fast, and affordable too. Each member of our rodent control crew goes in with the same goal: to take these animals back to their homes and stop them from invading yours.


Our Work Keeps Your Home Sanitary

There's a reason wild animals like squirrels are best left in the wild. Their droppings, bites, and any ticks in their fur can be severe health hazards. The more time squirrels spend in your home, the worse the risk. Squirrel control from us mitigates this risk and makes your house a healthier place to live.

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