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Termite Damage

Little creatures can bring down big structures, and nowhere is that more evident than termites eating away at the wood. That's why routine visits from Lucy's Pest Control are so vital. Just as we can clear your house and yard of ants, we also offer termite control. In Salt Lake City and Utah County, UT, locals know they can trust us to keep their properties safe and intact by driving away the insects that would do it harm.

Even if your house isn't in danger, termites could still pose a threat to people through bites since they can cause allergic reactions. The safest course of action is to call our termite extermination team for a free estimate as soon as possible. Even if you're not sure whether you have termites, we're glad to take a look, give you an answer, and put your mind at ease. 

Affordable Quarterly Service for Easy Prevention

The ideal way to handle termites is to make sure they never enter or become numerous enough to do damage. Lucy's Pest Control simplifies this by offering quarterly services at rates as low as $79. Take advantage of them today to keep termites away from your home.

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Unchecked termites can bring down the house.
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